Boro Need Mido's Touch.

By Anthony Vickers on Aug 17, 07 02:47 PM

MIDO is set to be thrown straight into battle as Boro go to Fulham tomorrow desperate to kick-start the season. The £6.8m Egyptian targetman - physical but with a deft touch and good in the air - may not start but he looks certain to be blooded in a crucial clash at Craven Cottage .

With a makeshift defence, the main creative force on the left carrying a knock and the Yakubu not in the squad - draw your own conclusions on that one - the stage is set for a hero and the former Spurs striker is the only proven Premiership predator at Gareth Southgate's disposal.

I want Mido to dominate and sparkle and score a last gasp winner - if only so we can use a banner back page headline screaming: "He Sphinx It's All Over!"

Boro need something to lift the gloom after a shambolic and demoralising defeat at Wigan and set the scene for the upward progress we all hoped for. Fulham may not yet be a "must win" game but defeat would leave Boro looking very vulnerable and will have the Hurworth heirarchy reaching for the panic button in the 13 days left until the transfer window slams shut.

It is early days but the table already has an ominous look and if Boro are dumped in the basement now it will be a long grind to escape - and will make it very difficult to attract the quality players needed to beef up a fragile looking squad.

And as much as a result Boro need a good performance, as individuals and as a unit. They need a fighting display that oozes pride and passion and burning desire to make all the big talk in pre-season count. Wigan was marked by a bright start and a slow slide to surrender that rightly brought widespread condemnation from supporters and pundits - and hopefully the boss too - and it can not be allowed to happen again or the entire tone of the season will shift.

Millionaire's son Mido arrives with some baggage. The much travelled marksman has had seven clubs in seven years before joining Boro and has fallen out with his coach at every one and had a quite spectacular on-the-pitch bust up with his national coach Hassan Shahata in the semi-final of the last African Nations Cup leading to him later making a grovelling public apology and watching the final victory from the bench.

But he also has qualities that have made him hot-property and ensured his CV has giant clubs like Ajax, Roma and Marseilles on it. Strong, quick, direct and commanding in the air, he has scored goals at the top level across Europe whenever he has been a first team fixture. He netted 21 in 37 in his only full season at Ajax and 11 in 27 when he was a regular at Spurs, although his strike ratio and overall contribution was far less impressive after Martin Jol's rotation policy started to kick in.

And those strengths could be just what Boro need. Boss Southgate has already pointed out the tasty prospect of the potent aeriel threat that Boro could pose with Mido attacking the pinpoint crossing from the left, while his strength on the ball and movement of it would offer the possibility of linking up with Tuncay and Aliadiere in a way that never quite worked with Yakubu.

Boro could still do with one more proven striker as if Yakubu leaves - which looks ever more likely - the squad looks lightweight up front with no-one else able to fill in as the targetman or strong front-runner type. An injury to Mido - or an extended run by Egypt in the African Nation Cup in January and February - would leave Boro with Lee Dong Gook and Aliadiere up front, hardly the most prolific or intimifdating pairing. Laugh if you like but I'd consider a robust, indudtrious niggley figure like Paul Dickov figure to cover in that role.

Much rests on Fulham though. Victory would ease the pressure and make it easier to attract players while the sale of Yakubu wiould release funds to fine-tune the squad in other areas and encourage the switch to open, attacking football. Defeat could make recruitment far more problematic and force the boss to become more solid and defensive and the chance to shape a new mindset will be lost for another season.

Come on Boro!


John Powls said:

Altogether now - 'Walk like an Egyptian.....'

Can you do the whistling bit as a ringtone!!

Is the other striker not Moatab? And what about Shawky?

I agree with you about Dickov - strangely. We've rarely had that sort of niggly terrier but often suffered from them getting in our faces.

But we need a right winger NOW.

tonyblack said:

I'll let you know after tomorrow AV because I really do think that tomorrow is going to make or break our season. I really do think tomorrow is that vital.

I don't agree that this may not be a " must win " game though. I think it absolutely is as next come the bar codes and unless the atmosphere of a home crowd and the goose pimples of the derby game elevate the lads to produce what we know they can produce, then I'm afraid that I can't see us winning that one either against what isn't a half bad Newcastle team and with Owen and Viduka looming.

That then really will set us up for Birmingham in the worst possible way because when the nerves do hit anything could happen there too.

So we MUST win against Fulham in order to stop the panic and rot from really setting in because not too far away we face Chelsea, Man U and the Tottenham one after the other and even before then we've got tricky games in the shape of Man City and Everton who are bang in form and flying.

I'd expect wins against West Ham and Sunderland but apart from that I think it all makes very tough reading if we were to lose tomorrow. A win and I think it all changes.

So, for me anyway, we MUST beat Fulham and settle otherwise we're in big, big trouble.

To think that we're hoping that Mido is going to provide us with a spark and that he's become our new saviour doesn't exactly fill me with much hope or confidence at the moment. Shouldn't we be talking about him being the icing on the cake instead ?

Let's just hope that we're going to be looking at three points on the board after the Fulham game as this will do everyone a world of good, although I can see us only getting a draw via Stewy.

All VERY worrying AV.


Mohamed Ali said:

I think Mido And All boro Men Will Stand And Fight Against Fulham And In God Willing Mido will Score ....

alf said:

On paper Mido looks a good signing but afer speaking to a few spurs fans his attitude is a bit dodgy.

Had a bust ups over the years. we will be his 8th club and a reputation for being lazy. Didn't do much last season.

**AV writes: he didn't play much last season - that's why he had a falling out with Jol. When he was playing every week he was very good and very happy.

mohamed said:

I think mido from the best in the premiership and spurs will miss him

John Powls said:

I hope the rumour about Alves which seems to be in all the 'papers is true. I'd regard that as a 'spectacular'.

But let's not forget a right winger. The best forwards in the world are no use without a supply.

We've got Stewie on the left and we should bring Tuncay into the centre behind the front 2 with The Boat/Catt holding and if we then had a great right winger we'd be pretty well set up with Luke Young able to hold the defensive right side and overlap.

That would let us use Aliadiere off the bench for 2nd half impact and pace.

So long as we don't get stiffed with Andy Vin de Pays from The Toffees in the deal for The Yak!!

Neil said:

Back in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

I take full responsibility for the Boro's first two losses. They never do well when I watch them. Well, now I'm back home, they won't be on tele very much, so things should improve.

Looks like the Yak's off. Hope the deal for the Brazilian goes through...Herenveen should find 9 million hard to turn down.

But things need to be sorted fast, and I agree with most other posters: we need a right winger ASAP. Tuncay works hard there, but it's clear that we are using him in a position that doesn't maximize his talents.

Good luck today, lads.

Percy Popkiss said:

Is it really a good idea to play Mido before he gets fully match fit?

I would rather wait a couple of weeks to see him play, rather than him doing a hamstring because of rushing him into the team.

tonyblack said:

" I hope the rumour about Alves which seems to be in all the 'papers is true. I'd regard that as a 'spectacular'.

But let's not forget a right winger. The best forwards in the world are no use without a supply. "

Absolutely spot on Neil. I couldn't agree more.

But this means that we MUST start winning if we want to make sure that the best around like Alves want to come as time is running out and we don't want to fill Yaks place with just anybody just because the transfer window is fast closing.

Tuncay is not and has never been a right winger by trade and to continue with him there is just a joke i'm afraid to say. He may have played there before but that's not his position.

We need a right winger at all costs.

Big, BIG game today.


Mark B said:

I hope Mido does well for us and doesn't jave a falling out with the Gate but agree with TB, the talk of him being the saviour is a bit worrying when it should have been the icing on the cake. His fitness could be a bit of a worry as he hasn't played much or spent much time at Rockliffe yet!

See that Hull are allegedly after Davies for £1m. I would say let him go if Young is fit, use the money from that, the excess from the Yak deal (£2m provided we get Alves) and if Rocky does go to Benfica any money from that (should be about £1 -£1.5m at least) to fund a right winger.

With £4-£4.5m at least then we should be able to get a good right winger, what about resurecting the deal for that other Turkish lad we were looking at earlier in the off season, forgot his name.

Nasr said:

Now, All Egypt encourage middlesbrough

Ian Gill said:

Fulham leading 1-0, cant get commentary on the MFC website or BBC Tees. Cup floweth over.

tiger said:

mido mido mido

egypt said:

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**AV writes: Ok, we get the message.

Redcar Red said:

Nice to see a Boro striker show some passion! Better still that when he went off injured he stayed pitchside shouting encouragement and supporting his team mates.

The goal was important but his attitude for me was the real winnner today!


Paul Bell said:

Typical Teeside kneejerk reaction on the internet sites. We have gone from being the worst team ever to being Champions of Europe thanks to winning away and surviving a not given stonewall goal.

If we lose next week will it be back to kneejerk calls of Southgate out?

Ian Gill said:

Paul Bell

Many of us who post are not knee jerks, jerks maybe, but not knee jerks.

Many of us have been posting for many years and in answer to Very Happy, 'Briggsy' wears foam RA-RA fingers and posted regularly along the lines of - we lost 4-0, gosh what an improvement, only 3-0 next week and is isnt MacMoses great.

We also had 'Insider' whose postings tended to be along the lines of 'it was one of them games, on another day, brilliant' etc. We suspected him of having a colgate smile, ginger hair, came from York and liked pencils and paper.

Fact is we care about Boro and if you dont address faults they come back to haunt you. We are not chicken runners and we want to see the club do better. Those of us who dont live in Boro have lived amongst fans of clubs who have ignored the signs and suffered.

As for today, the radio feed came on with 1 minute to go so have no idea if we deserved the points or not. I do know that despite the furore over the non equaliser my Sunday paper will still say 2-1. That will do me, onto the Toon, we arent going to win the league and hopefully can stear clear of trouble.

Still need a right winger, cant alter facts.

Malc said:

A big three points but okay, lets not rest on our laurels.

With Yak out for 11m we'l laughing all the way to the bank.

lets get this Alves character from Heernveen.

Then, lets move for Routledge and Sorensen. Once Woody's back we'll be battling for a top six finish if we claim these three signings.

Guess it depends if The Count releases the funds.

Optimism, for once.

Yasser said:

I think Mido is a very good striker and he need more support from the all and he will do more with Boro

Benny Brown said:

Well Mido proved he is a fighter and an inspirational player without a doubt. His whole hearted display when not near his fitness peak was their for all to see.

He led the line with gusto and skill. Pity the same can not be said for our other two strikers. in Aliederie and Lee Gook, although Aliederie did pass to Cattermole set to up the second goal, otherwise both players were very disappointing in their play and results.

The overall teams display was encouraging and hope for the future ignited if we get the Brazilian striker we are after, great and we can look forward in anticipation.

Hope Yakubu goes to Everton as it is obvious his heart is not in playing at the Riverside. Arca and Tuncay also looked good and I was surprised to see Tuncay replaced the the French man, was he injured?.

Malc said:

Vic, you said Mido was £6.8m. Paylor assured us in the gazzete he was not a penny over the original 6m agreement. Who's right?

**AV writes: Who can say? Player pricing is not an exact science.

Ahmed Taher said:

mido is a one from a great striker who playing with the left foot , i think he will be the team star soon ...

also about trial mohamed shawky i think he is the best half defender in whole africa , he let his team (ahly) to become the african championship twice times and he lead them to world cup for clubs in japan 2 times & he is one from stars who lead egypt to win african cup 2006 ...really shawky will be a very good signing for boro

egyption man said:

all egyptions with mido and boro

tonyblack said:

" Typical Teeside kneejerk reaction on the internet sites. We have gone from being the worst team ever to being Champions of Europe thanks to winning away and surviving a not given stonewall goal.

If we lose next week will it be back to kneejerk calls of Southgate out? "

No Paul, if you bothered to read up a bit you would have seen that people here have their own consistent views.

Mine, however wrong or ill informed it is, is that I don't think that GS and Coops are the right men for the job. So however wrong I may be mine is a consistent view and not a kneejerk reaction.

I don't think that a victory was a fair result yesterday, but having said that we've been robbed many times before and so I've never any sympathy for anyone else and will take any victory however it happens to come.

But this victory does nothing to paper over the obvious cracks. We've STILL no proper right sided
player, as shown against Fulham we've got a make shift defence that leaks and leaks and leaks the most hideous of goals, and up front all we've got is Mido, although IF he keeps up the refreshing passion he showed yesterday, keeps his temper, keeps his stoppy side out, then I think he'll be a real quality addition.

But then that leaves us with only him up front of any note.

Hopefully I'm wrong and this is just the medicine that's needed to gel the spirits and the team and that we'll just keep on improving.

We all hope so but time will tell and once we get past the game with Spurs after Everton, City, UTD and Chelsea I think we'll really be able to see what's whats.

So we all hope, of course we do, but that doesn't mean we change our opinions, however stupid they may be, from one game to the next.


hossam said:

iam from egypt and mido here in egypt and in england the big boss and we need him in the national team to reach to world cup 2010

Big mets..Boro 4 ever said:

Hi,crazy big mets here again.....crazy in the respect of i mentioned that we should get Dickov on a crazy now eh? i see a few agree..thanks im not mad then lol.

Anyhow more important is that we won at Fulham on sat and played Ok...100% better than the W game (cannot even say it ha).

If that was Mido 50% fit then he could be a right player...strong,good touch ect...a bit like the Duke but younger, i was also very impressed with his leadership takes balls to scream at your new team mates after only 3 days of knowing them.

As for a new forward, don't know much about Alves?? Be warned though Kezman scored loads of goals in Holland...say no more.

Back 2 4-5-1 then, i don't mind away, i really don't think we have the players to play expansive footie away from home we should go to these places and battle and nick goals.

Still no right winger?? and i don't think we are gonna get ywho is next to follow in the foot steps of Parlour, Mendi, Nemeth, Parnaby, Massimo,Catts ect. I can not believe that in the whole world of football Boros scouts can not find a right winger.

I would like to say goodbye and thanks to Yak...Yes some times lazy but the fact is he is a proven goal scorer who's done the Boro proud..good luck at Everton or where ever he goes (another club in for him would be great...bidding war)

Next up Geordies...i hope we can do um?? Q Duke fat greedy B!£$^&D quickly we forget ha.

Redcar Red said:

Paul Bell

Its called being a football supporter!

When we win we celebrate and when we lose we complain, point out where we went wrong, who didn't play well and why etc.

Boro don't give much cause for celebration either on or off the pitch these days but the fans who post even when frustrated do so because they care about their club.

The fact they take the time to do so is proof of their hopes and dreams for the club..............more so when the club isn't doing well. When the Teesside public stop bothering (kneejerk or otherwise) then we will no longer have a club, let alone Champions of Europe!

Perhaps you are from the Keith Lamb school of economics where the belief is either brainwash them or insult them often enough and for long enough and they will stop supporting and coming?

John Powls said:


If Shawky is as good as it seems he is we really do need him.

Apart from Stewie - and maybe Tuncay, if he's played on the right where the Fenerbahce lads at yesterday's game say he is best - our midfield is a disaster which we have actually weakened in the Summer.

geoff said:

the papers crying that fulham did'nt get the goal -hang on remember a game with west ham they got one that didnt cross the line.? what goes round come's around.

And why is it cockneys do the most crying when it happens or start slaggin off up here?

Never mind were off and running even with a bit of help. is this shawky going to be a long term replacement for the boat? there are some games he seems to run out of steam.

Very Happy said:


Both the Boro and Spurs won so there is the answer to your bet. I hope you had a double and cleaned up?

A lot of teams will take points off the big four, because they too, are buying big name players and home advantage is all they need.

Cattermole should be on a wicket with that move from now on. However, we have only won one game and there is still a lot of work to be done.

The defence needed that result, because they have worked their socks off, and perhaps now the evidence of the YAK going, is sinking in.

We have only had ten men on many occasions, because he has no heart for a fight.

When Alan Hansen said that the YAK would give Everton strength in the air, I almost dropped me knitting needles.

I guess he meant as an Hair Traffic Controller once he retires and joins Easy Jet.

Should be a full house on Saturday and Wheater will cause mayhem.

Gamin’s satellite pictures confirmed that the ball was not over the line.

What wonderful sponsors we have!

C’mon the lads.

Udayan Mukherjee said:

I knew it was only a matter of time before a headline of 'Mido's touch' popped up. I bet it gets used as much as 'Ray of light' or 'Just the Job'.

**AV writes: I was just getting the mandatory obvious pun out of the way early.

Ian Gill said:

Very Happy

Just shows how good the pundits are, though to be fair to Yak it would be defying gravity for him to get his feet off the ground, it just isnt his style.

Nigel said:

Ahmed Taher, Mido is the star of the team already!

It feels great to get a win , I have to say I was hoping for a draw at best. It was a good performance from a very young team with new players who are not used to playing together.

It will have given the players and us supporters a big boost ahead of the barcodes game which is vital.

Alves truely would be a 'spectacular' signing. There are a few green shoots of hope starting to appear now, Aliadiere looks like a classy player, I just hope he gets a goal soon because it would do his confidence a world of good.

Tuncay is clearly a talent and our Stewie looks like he has the bit between his teeth and will benefit from having other talented attackers in the team.

Mido brings power, confidence and a touch of arrogance which is great to see, he may be a man who needs to be 'needed' as it were, well he'll get plenty of positive feedback from the supporters if he continues to show that level of commitment.

On a slightly different subject, I had a conversation with my eight year old son who as yet doesn't know I have tickets for the barcodes game. He has told me categorically that if it was a choice between watching the match or going down to the Riverside early to see the players arrive and get some autographs then he would rather do the latter!! what's that all about then?

John Powls said:

If, as rumoured, the Mackems are prepared to offer £5m (or even half that) for Arca he should be on his way.

They clearly didn't watch him at Wigan or at Fulham if they are that keen and we should snatch their hands off before they see the tapes and change their minds.

alf said:

Great result against Fulham. Eases the pressure of southgate for a few games and makes the newcastle game not such a must win game.

But lets not get carried away we came away lucky. Fulham missed a couple of sitters, keeper handed us a goal and the ref played his part in not spotting Fulham's goal when it went over the line.

Who says the refs are anti boro?

Nigel said:

JP - Arca had a mare against Wigan, but who in the team didn't? He was average at best against Fulham, but he had a good season last year so it may be a little early to judge him just yet, that said if £5m was on offer that would be very tempting, but who would we replace him with?

Personally I think your favourite player, Rocky, is going to come good this year!

Paul Bell said:

"Paul Bell

Its called being a football supporter!"

Dear Mr Wonderful from Redcar. I bet you know nothing about supporting a team that is in deep doggy doo ie Boro mid to late 80's.

The mass hysteria these days about winning or losing a couple of games is ridiculous. Your post typifies the ridiculous over the top attitude displayed these days by the modern day Sky fan boy

Nigel said:

The Gazette reports that maybe Boro aren't after Alves on the basis that Boro 'scouts' were at the PSV match.

I have it on good authority that actually the scouts were due to watch Alves but when they programmed Heerenveen into the Garmin sat. nav. it malfunctioned and they ended up in Eindhoven.

Apparently the malfunction manifested itself in the form of a white band across the screen which obscured the way forward.......

On a slightly more serious note, the Gazette states a work permit would be an issue for Alves. Why? Okay he may not have played enough internationals to qualify on that basis but he currently plays in Holland an EU country and so must have a permit there, so why would he not get one in the UK?

Also as such a prolific scorer and therefore of proven quality he would get a permit on appeal surely.

**AV writes: The employment laws vary between EU States with the UK being perhaps the strictest.

That said, as a current Brazil international he would probably win on appeal as offering the potential to "make on exceptional contribution."

Very Happy said:

Ian Gill

Not long ago on AV’s every Blog, there were some very heavy comments, which one must be prepared to take.

Keith Lamb however, has now done a couple of deals and all credit to him.

I would imagine hands were tied which we don’t know about and if we sign the Brazilian I still maintain that we will qualify for Europe.

We have some talent and I have seen nothing that frightens me other than the fear of the Yak not leaving.

Good in the air

what a laugh!

He couldn’t peg the washing out on our line in the garden without a ladder.

GS always let his heart speak in the dressing room and that is why Mido will be a halo.

Never Happy said:

The linesman from the Fulham game has been banned.

Was the linesman from West Ham a couple of seasons ago banned?

Rob Styles is banned, was he banned when he give Liverpool a penalty against Sheff U last season?

Both pen's given for Intent.

3 games and the Boro as Inconsistent as ever.

Oh the poor southern biased press and media, over the line they bleat. Its a suprise that the FA have not brought in a new rule deducting Boro points, or banning MS for dodgy conduct.

Just hope we have not used up all our luck before we play the Skunks

tonyblack said:

" The mass hysteria these days about winning or losing a couple of games is ridiculous. Your post typifies the ridiculous over the top attitude displayed these days by the modern day Sky fan boy "


Where exactly have you come across this mass hysteria in this forum exactly? I've read many posts in here and a very great many I don't agree with, but you're way off the mark here, in my opinion.

Personally I agree 100% with Mr Redcar and I have to say that you need to read some of peoples previous posts in order to get a feel for who they are and what views that they have held for some time then you would know that your comments don't apply here - sorry, but welcome to the board !


Ian Gill said:

Very Happy

I agree but I do wish at times the club said nothing rather than drivel.

As far as Yak is concerned he is well named, bovines can not get off the ground and the only ones with ball control were on a Lurpak advert.

Very Happy said:

Never Happy

Referees chief Keith Hackett said â€?It is just like with players — if they miss an open goal, they are likely to be dropped", when referring to Mr Turn Styles.

It’s Hackett who wants the bullet, because they are two totally independent bodies. Therefore, his statement falls in line with his act.

Was the linesman from West Ham a couple of seasons ago banned? No. Was the lot of them banned when the ball bounced almost out of the back of the Man Utd net?

Not on your Nelly.

Leeds kick off 15 points adrift.

West Ham get off with a community sentence.

It’s who scratches who’s back these days and club chairman should not have prominent roles in decision making, which is the case, because that too, is totally indecisive.

I wonder who is the Ref on Sunday


Paul Bell said:

"Where exactly have you come across this mass hysteria in this forum exactly? "

Tony, I never said anything about mass hysteria on this blog in general, but Middlesbrough forums have been full of it over the last few days.

Redcar Red said:


Like many other posters on here I've been singing, shouting and supporting the Boro since the days of McIlmoyle, Whigham, McMordie, Jones etc and remember games against the likes of Oxford and thinking that sides like Wolves and Stoke were big clubs and dreaming that one day Boro could be like them in the then Division One.

That puts my support, hard earned pocket money and cash way before your mid 80's benchmark for entitlement of an opinion on the Boro. It has entitled me to sing my heart out at Cardiff and lift the roof off the Riverside when Mass scored against Bucharest. Two big moments in over 35 years hardly makes me a glory hunter either.

Sadly for your ill conceived and naive kneejerk psychology (without as TB mentions above reading previous posts) I do not fit your profile remotely.

Those "Sky boys" as you term them are the additional 20K fans from the Ayresome Park days who pay through the turnstiles today and are now the lifeblood and the future of the club. Whether you or anyone else likes it (especially certain individuals within the corridors of the Riverside) all fans regardless of their length or quality of support are entitled to an opinion.

And by the way I'm not really that wonderful!

Shiko said:

Mido is a fighter not a foot ball blayer

Mr. Boro said:

AV, beat this for a Mido song! It has everything a terrace classic; political wit, whilst maintaining a traditional tune and vocab as you may want to censor more than i have.

With your help it could be being roared from the North Stand on Sunday....

ooooooooohhhhh mido is egyptian!
he wears an egyptian's hat!
and when he saw the hill street!
he said i fancy that!
he could have signed for sunderland!
but the shops up there are sh""
instead he signed for boro coz they're dynamite! ooooooooooooohhhh

(repeat to fade)

**AV writes: I'll see if I can get it going in the press box...

misho_egypt said:

mido is our honour. he is a great player boro's fans must support mido and he will be the great striker in epl.

we here in egypt love any team mido play in it we are so crazy now with boro and watch all boro's matchs

i hope boro be in agood place at epl standing

boro's fan from egypt, hisham abd el daim

Very Happy said:

Ian Gill

The YAk could never appear on a Butter advert, cos
he doesn't know how to spread the ball about?

Chapmamo said:

mido is our honour. he is a great player boro's fans must support mido and he will be the great striker in epl.

we here in egypt love any team mido play in it we are so crazy now with boro and watch all boro's matchs

i hope boro be in agood place at epl standing

boro's fan from egypt

Mohamed Essam said:


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